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Social media


 Twitter seems to be the most useful of social media tools to engage with the community.

I didnt get twitter at first, until I saw Tweetdeck (a great startup company in the UK). Tools like tweetdeck allow you to filter out the noise and turns twitter into an excellent research and communication tool. If there is some great event happening, an interesting article to read, or a cool new project update, you can usually find it out first on twitter.

The other aspect to twitter is following interesting people - or as is more common, following interesting hash-tags - eg. #LJCJug for the London Java Community or #Clojure for discussions on the functional programming language.

Although many people share their blog posts by twitter, its not a complete replacement for for RSS feeds, rather it is a good way to find blogs that are worth reading and adding them to your feed reader (eg. Google Reader)