My current events schedule 2011
Events in grey represent attendance rather than speaker/organiser, green is a book review

October 2012
02 - Adobe - Create the web
02 - Graduate Developer - Meet a Mentor
10 - SFDC London - Teardown of Dreamforce 2012
15 - 17 - JAX London - Clojure made simple
25 - 26 FP Days Cambridge - Humane build management with Clojure
30 -
London Clojure dojo

Book writing: Clojure made simple - submitted
Book writing: Practically Agile

Previous events
Events in grey represent attendance rather than speaker/organiser, green is a book review

September 2012
28 - 29 Agile Cambridge - Continuous development, Growing pains
26th - London Clojure dojo
18 - 21 - Dreamforce 2012

August 2012
28 -
London Clojure dojo - Blog post
07 - London Clojurians - Functional Composition

July 2012
26 - SFDC London - Trust me I am an architect

12 - London CTO community - Practically Agile
09 - QCon Geek night for QCon13
03 - London Clojurians - Functional Web

June 2012
26th - London Clojure dojo - Google hangout with BrisFunctional
Moving house

May 2012
9th - Mozilla open house
8th - London Java Community - Liberty Pi
16th - London Clojurians - (perfect? clojure environment)
24th - 25th - EuroClojure
29th - London Clojure dojo

April 2012
25th - 27th - ACCU conference - Atlassian party
24th - London Clojure dojo - ClojureScript theme
16th - Design It, Build It - Evolving Agile Software workshop
5th - BCS SPA - Emotioneering: Products that people want to buy

March 2012
29th - UK Atlassian community - London meetup
28th - Graduate Developer Community - Meet a mentor
27th - London Clojure dojo - ClojureScript theme
19th - London Java Community - Clojure made really simple (7minute lightning talk)
16th - Functional programming exchange - Clojure made simple
12th - Atlassian Unite - How Atlassian moved to DVCS, Community development at Atlassian

February 2012
28th - London Clojure dojo
15th -  Coding kata on event driven programming
1st-2nd - RedMonk Monki Gras 2012

January 2012
5th - 27th Atlassian bootcamp (Sydney Australia)
31st - London Clojure dojo

December 2011
14th - London Software Craftsmanship roundtable
13th - London Clojure dojo
5th - Gradle workshop @SkillsMatter
1st - Clojure exchage @SkillsMatter - Intro to Noir, functional programming for the web

November 2011
29th - London Clojure dojo
29th - NoSQL roadshow - Classic Car club, Trifork
28th - Jutta Eckstein - Typical pitfalls in agile software development
21st-22nd - XPDays - Experience report: kanban and theory of constraints
14th-18th - Devoxx
11th-12th - CitCon

17th - 18th - Lean Kanban Central Europe
16th - Ubuntu launch party
13-14th Scala Lift off conference
12th - Software Craftsmanship round table
11th - FuseSource community day
10th - Ravensbourne University confluence launch - Evolution of communication
6th - Kanban for Lean IT development
3rd - London Clojure - Introduction to Overture

September 2011
29th - 30th - Agile Cambridge - Taking kanban to the masses, lessons learnt
27th - London Clojure dojo
20th - Adaptavist Atlassian Partner Event - Ambassadors go forth
14th - 16th Agile on the Beach, Cornwall
12th - QCon kickoff night
7th - London Software Craftsmanship round table

August 2011
30th - London Clojure dojo
25th - Hacker news London
18th - London Scala user group coding dojo
16th - London Java Community developer sessions

July 2011
26th - London Clojure dojo
21st - London Scala user group coding dojo
20th - LSug - Idiomatic Scala
19th - London Java Community developer sessions
18th - Agile testing with Bonfire - Visit from Atlassian developer - Ian Grunert
13th - The Last programming language - Uncle Bob Martin
11th - London Clojure community - talk
7th - Java 7 launch at Oracle UK

June 2011
29th - Dev Tank
28th - London Clojure dojo
27th - Limited WIP Society - Nader Talia
23rd - Hacker News
22nd - London Software Craftsmanship roundtable
21st - London Java Community Developer Sessions
15th-16th - Scala Exchange
14th - Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts (Dick Wall) - San Francisco
6th-8th - Atlassian Summit
5th - Atlassian Partner event
2nd - Fractal TDD - using tests to drive system design

May 2011
31st - London Clojure dojo
26th-27th - Whats Next Paris
25th - Towel day - Celebrating Douglas Adams
24th - Mary Poppendieck - a tale of two (airport) terminals
23rd - Limited WIP Society - games night two - Martine Devos
19th - LSug Scala coding dojo (TBC - looking for venue)
18th - London Continuous integration community
17th - XTC and the Government
16th-17th - London Testers Gathering 2011 - OpenSource service with Jenkins CI and TDD/BDD workshop
11th - London Rightshifting Unconference
3rd  - London Clojure coding dojo
3rd - Packt publishing - Scribus 1.3.5 for beginners

April 2011 editor report on my JAX London talk

21th - LSug Scala coding dojo

20th - London Continuous Integration - Evolving continuous deployment
20th - Visiting BBC in White City
19th - Atlassian London user group meeting - MC'ing the event
18th - London Software Craftsmanship round table
15th - Agile tales round the camp fire
14th - London Java community associates - 3 month planning
13th - DevTank
11th - 13th - JAX London presentation - Getting started with Clojure
6th - British computer society - Beyond agile
6th - Atlassian Road Trip - London
5th - Dzone book review - Camel in action
4th - How can craftsmanship move the industry forwards? - LSCc
1st - Fossbox - Linux and OSS support workshop

March 2011
29th - Clojure dojo
25th - Pair training with Martine Devos - Kanban for teams
24th - LSug Scala coding dojo
24th  - Cuke Up - Acceptance Testing / BDD conference
23rd - Weeknight testers - testing firefox 4
22nd - Applying Lean Software Development Principles Throughout the Organization
21st - MEAP book review - Machine learning in action
18th - Functional programming exchange - SkillsMatter
15th - LJC / GDC / LSug / LCg Developer sessions
15th - Fossbox - Desktop publishing workshop (Scribus)
14th - Graduate Developer community - distributed vs central version control
8th - Fossbox - Graphic design workshop (Inkscape & GIMP)
7th - Limited WIP Society - Kanban games night with Karl Scotland

February 2011
28th - Kanban Vs The Mafia (cultural change)
28th - Inkscape Essentials for web designers (Slashdot review)
24th - LSug Scala coding dojo
15th - Facilitation of Brainstorming / agile planning session for Graduate Developer community
9th - DevTank - Engaging with Tech media / Erlang overview
8th - London Lean Startup - Business model canvas
7th - Limited WIP Society - Kanban clinic
4th - Fossbox - Linux and OSS support workshop
1st - Python dojo - participant

January 2011
25th - London Clojure coding dojo - participant
23rd - DZone book review - Embedded Linux primer
20th - LSug Scala coding dojo
14th - Fossbox - Linux and OSS support workshop
13th - Limited WIP Society - Personal Kanban presentation
12th - Facilitation of Brainstorming / agile planning session for London Scala user group
11th - Facilitation of Brainstorming / agile planning session for London Java community

December 2010
13th - London Clojure coding dojo - participant
3rd - Fossbox - Linux and OSS support workshop
1st-2nd - Lean and Kanban exchange - SkillsMatter

28th - XP Day presentation - Bringing Kanban to the masses - experience report
27th - London Java Community open conference - organiser, presented workshop on Test Driven Development
19th - Agile Testing and Behaviour Driven Development exchange - SkillsMatter
13th - LJC London Code retreat - facilitated weekend code retreat for 36 developers
10th - London Scala group - SBT up close and personal - technical workshop
DZone book review - The Official Ubuntu Server book

October 2010
DZone book review - The Official Ubuntu book
Packt publishing - Glassfish 3 application server
Packt publishing - Blender 2.5 Project Development Hotshot (Packt website)
DZone review - 97 things every developer should know
6th-7th - Agile business conference 2010 - video interview - Half day kanban workshop

London Java Community (LJC) | Blog
One of the largest Java User Groups in Europe, the LJC regularly runs monthly technical presentations, social gatherings and technical prizes for its 2,000+ members.  I have delivered technical talks, ran code retreats, organised open conferences and facilitate our quarterly meetings.

The LJC is sponsored by SkillsMatter, O'Reilly, Packt Publishing, Atlassian and others.

Graduate Developer Community (GDC) | Blog
With over 500 graduates, the GDC runs many presentations and practical workshop to help bridge the gap between University and working in Industry.  I have run many workshops on open source software projects and and currently presenting a series on open source development tools for agile development.

London Clojurians
A fast growing community around Clojure, the lisp style functional programming langauge on the Java Virtual Machine.  I have given talks on Clojure and the Noir web framework and also support the monthly Clojure coding dojo.

IT Kanban
A group of though leaders sharing their experiences of applying lean and agile practices to enterprises across a range of industries.

XTC - extreme Tuesday club
Agile practitioners meeting in an agile fashion every Tuesday (i.e. people who turn up are the right people).  A great way to exchange ideas and talk through challenges with people who have a wide range of experiences.

London Scala user group (LSug) | Coding Dojo |
A 700 strong group of developers interested in learning the Scala functional programming language.  I run a monthly coding dojo to help put into practice the technical learning we share from our monthly presentations by guest speakers.  The group helped organise the biggest Scala event in the UK last year (second largest in the world.)

Limited WIP Society (Kanban)
A group of Lean and Agile practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds that meet to share there knowledge and experience of techniques such as Kanban, Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints, etc.  I am the event organiser and present about a third of the talks throughout the year.

Ubuntu UK Local Community | My Launchpad
The Ubuntu Local Community for the United Kingdom area, supplying advice and advocacy of Ubuntu Linux and open source software.  The community also runs a number of events both technical and social. often in conjunction with Ubuntu and Canonical.

An open source IT support company providing strategy advice, technical support and product training to a wide range of Volunteer sector organisations in London.  I provide technical support for a monthly drop-in workshop and will be presenting several training courses in 2011.