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Camel In Action (DZone)
Camel in Action is for developers who need a range of tools to manage many types of system integration. This detailed and quite practical guide introduces the Apache Camel project and and covers a large range of enterprise integration patterns. 

As the book is written by those involved in creating the Camel project, the technical information is spot on and it will be hard to find a better source if you choose to work with Apache Camel. 

 Graphics / Animation

Inkscape 0.48 Essentials for Web Designers
Inkscape is an open source 2D drawing tool that helps you create graphic designs, from simple buttons and logos to full blown posters and web page designs. Similar to Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, inkscape gives you a vector based graphics tool that uses the W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. 

Inkscape is easy to use, although learning the tricks that make designing a web site look great are more involved. The Inkscape 0.48 Essentials for Web designers is specifically focused on helping you to create your first web site designs and does a great job of getting you started. Most if not all the techniques covered are relevant to creating other graphic works too, so its useful as a general Inkscape tutorial.

Operating Systems

Embedded Linux Primer - Second Edition
A book full of facts for those who want to develop embedded software using Linux, no fluff just developer stuff. There is no attempt to dumb down the subject, so you will need to engage your brain to understand the books contents.

The Official Ubuntu Server book
A very practical way to get you started with Ubuntu server 10.04, the book covers all the important topic for creating and managing servers with enough detail so to set up a decent sized server farm. Remaining simple enough for anyone just starting out to follow, this book is a great way to start learning to become a system administrator.

The book includes lots of details on how the Ubuntu operating system is organised and its a great way to learn how to become more self sufficient when managing either a desktop or server edition of Ubuntu and gives you plenty of advanced things to try out than was covered in the Official Ubuntu book.

The Official Ubuntu Book Review
The Official Ubuntu book is a great way to get you started with Ubuntu, giving you enough information to be productive without overloading you. As Ubuntu is such a huge topic to cover, the book highlights the most common applications (browser, office, photo management, social media, graphics and multimedia) and importantly gives you a good grounding in how the Ubuntu project works should you want to get further involved.

If you are new to Ubuntu or want to help others start using Ubuntu, this book is a great starting point. If you are looking specifically to set up production servers rather than desktops, then you should consider getting the Official Ubuntu Server Book.