I am an active organiser of several communities in London, presenting on technical topics including:
  • Development practices - TDD / BDD / deliberate practice
  • Functional programming - Scala, Clojure
  • Effective development tooling & automation
  • DevOps and build pipelines
  • Open source software & projects
I also mentor developers in the community and encourage others to play an active part to help with their personal and community growth.

Trainer / Coach / Mentor

I provide goal oriented services to individuals, teams and organisations, focusing on the practical application of Kanban and system thinking practices alongside agile techniques such as Scrum and XP to help deliver increased business value and manage project risks and delivery effectively. 

I have helped small startup companies have a better understand of their options and give practical advice on how to adapt quickly to ever changing forces.

I have helped large corporate organisations leverage the most out of their formal approaches (Prince2, ITIL3, etc), blending those approaches with lean and agile practices to drive the organisation forward with the least pain and a managed approach to risk.



I have been lucky enough to speak at events across the UK and Europe, on topics from Clojure to a wide range of agile practices (kanban, extreme programming, continuous improvement, Clojure). 

My most memorable speaking events being:

W-JAX - Getting started with Clojure
JAX London - Continuous Deployment, the writings on the wall ;  Just-in-time development with kanban
Clojure Exchange - Functional programming and the web & intro to Noir
SkillsMatter - Numerous talks for the Limited WIP Society, LJC, GDC
London Java Community - TDD & BDD workshops, Manage your codebase, Improve your design with TDD
AgileTesters - Continuous Integration workshop

See my full list of speaking engagements and community involvement.

Spare time

In my spare time I like to cycle quite a lot and have been known to do 200-400km on a weekend if I am not too busy learning something new.

I occasionally get to read a good book and enjoy the works of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett.  For technical books I tend to only read books I review.